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Does your hair need more moisture, shine, strength? Do you need a spa vacation, a retreat for your mind body and soul? Our hair rituals combine cleansing, scalp treatment and a decadent massage to give you a calming oasis in your day. At The Salon at Gold Canyon, we offer our clients more than just haircuts, we offer a hair experience. Our Lather Lounge offers these wonderful indulgences.

Based on their reputation, experience and demand, our stylists fall into or exceed one of these categories: New Talent, Designer, or Master.

Lather Lounge

Choose any TWO of the following complimentary salon upgrades from the list below to indulge in with your service. No Charge!

• Tea Tree Steam Facial - choice of esential oils; get comfy cozy under a hot towel.

• Heads Up - spend more time on my scalp massage.

• Tension Tamer - spend more time on my neck massage.

• Knead Me - spend more time on my shoulder massage.

• Hand Dipped - essentail oils and warm pararffin to soften hands.

• Speed Wash - put me on the fast track.

The Ooh Ahh
20 min
The Head Start is a luxurious calming retreat for the mind, body & soul. It features a decadent shampoo, scalp treatment with a neck & shoulder massage; a calming oasis in your day!
The Tall Drink of Moisture
15 min
Is your hair feeling dry, tired and stressed out? Leave the desert and imagine yourself in a beautiful tropical rainforest. Drench your hair with a cocktail of moisture and nutrients featuring Supercharged Moisturizer & Detangler leaving it sealed with an amazing silkiness and shine.
Color Energizer
15 min
Is your color dull, flat and burned out? Our Color Protect Reconstructive treatment will rejuvenate your vibrant Paul Mitchell (TM) color by adding strength and elasticity. Sunflower extracts provide sunscreens to help extend the life of your hair color and keep it future bright.
Opposites Attract
15 min
Ying & Yang, black and white, positive and negative... there are two sides to every story. The same applies with your hair. The Hair Repair treatment fine tunes your hair's delicate balance of protein and moisture to form the perfect combination for full of life hair that shines and glows.
Break Down & Build Up
20 min
Can you hear your hair calling for help? It probably needs a detox. The combination of Paul Mitchell Clarifying Shampoos provides a deep cleansing treatment to rid your hair of dulling, environmental impurities that build up over time. A Paul Mitchell Hair Masque treatment completes the process for soft and beautiful hair.


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